If you are the Owner or the General Manager of a hotel then two things are likely to keep you up at night

1: What can you do to make a potential client choose your hotel given the constantly increasing number of boutique hotels?
2: What can you do about the OTA (online tour operators) eating away a significant part of your margin?

You want to solve these issue? Not so easy, but …

Here is our concept in 204 words

1. A clear brand positioning with a compelling brand positioning statement.
2. A website that is appealing to the subconscious part of the brain of the target group.
3. Marketing actions that are noticed and at the same time get decoded by the target groups brain as a reward.

The wording and visuals that are used to promote a resort must be in line with the brand positioning and must be chosen so that they are decoded by the subconsciously working reward system of the brain of the target group. If words or images used in advertising are decoded as anything other than a reward the limbic system (decision making part of the brain) will not pass them on to the conscious mind.

What are the key drivers that generate higher revenue?

1. Great reviews from perfectly happy guests.
2. Direct referrals and increasing the number of repeaters to avoid the OTA provision.

You want your marketing actions to be decoded as a reward so that they help to resolve the revenue issue.

Our analysis and our consulting services are based on a combination of neuro-marketing expertise, profound insight into the travel industry and experiencing many visits to cutting edge hotels around the world.