The world is changing

TripAdvisor, Google Maps, OTAs and others have changed the travel market and they have a significant impact on the success and profitability of hotels. At the same time the number of hotels, especially boutique hotels, has increased rapidly.

The problem in the digital world

Potential customers have a vast choice and comparing prices for one specific hotel or getting similar offers from several hotels has become very easy. The likelihood that a customer will check your website to figure out why your place is special is high. It is therefore essential that the words and the pictures you use on your website appeal to one specific limbic personality type. Any attempt to appeal to several limbic types is unlikely to be successful as the decision making part of the brain (limbic system) will be irritated as it will decode the messages as being conflicting.

The problem in the analogue world

When a guest stays at your resort she or he will have certain expectations. What exactly a guest expects depends on his limbic profile. As it should be the goal of every hotel to have guests that are 100% satisfied you need to understand what specific limbic types are expecting. Perfectly delivering on your brand promise and therfore being decoded as a perfect reward by the guest’s limbic system will lead to great reviews, referrals and repeaters.

How does it relate to your economics

If potential customers  do not choose your resort because of limbic conflicts as a result of a suboptimal website it is a pity.  Also if guests leave your resort other than 100% satisfied as a result of not delivering on the brand promise that is something which in today’s economic environment nobody can afford.

What is the solution and what’s novel?

In the last 10 years neuromarketing has proved to be highly effective because it understands the motives and values which are hidden in the subconscious part of the brain. To use the latest findings of neuropsychology and neurobiology in the hospitality industry is new and very promising. For more information about neuromarketing consulting see

The 6 Brain Types – find out which type you are!

The Institut für limbische Kommunikation in Zurich has developed a test comprising 28 questions to determine which personality type (limbic type) you are. If you want to explore your limbic type you can take the test (free of charge and anonymous) on the website of the institute ( After having answered all the questions you will get a short description of your limbic type.

How our service works

Before visiting your hotel we will make a detailed analysis of your brand positioning as well as your website. At your resort we will stay for a week just like normal guests. After 3 days we will have a first meeting with the GM or Owner to present the analysis of the brand positioning and the website. After 5 days we will present the findings of our visit to get your feedback and inputs. One day before we leave we will present the finalised work. After the presentation we will discuss with you if any other work is needed, e.g. reworking the brand positioning or the website, staff teaching, establishing staff instruction manuals or what ever else might be required.

What is our value proposition

Our methodology is based on a combination of neuromarketing expertise, a profound insight into the travel industry and a large number of stays at cutting edge hotels around the world. We will deliver a comprehensive analysis including suggestions to eliminate the weaknesses we discover. Our aim is to help you achieve greater profitabiliy.

What is the return on investment

As we will not visit your hotel during the peak season our stay and use of services will not generate significant direct cost. Our fee is based on the complexity of the task and the location of your hotel. You will get a quotation with a fixed price upfront.
As a result of improving the crucial „customer touch points“ the increased success will rapidly pay for the investment.

Buy the work from the „workmen“ you know

The team working for you will be Martin and Ann Amann and we assure you that our extensive knowhow and experience gets used to help you in the process of striving for excellence.

Striving for Excellence

Whenever people are exposed to your brand a few seconds will determine whether you win or lose a potential guest. Excellence is required at all customer touch points as this is essential for the economic success of a hotel or resort. To find out more you may want to look at our check list.