Ann Amann
M. Sc. Tourism Management

Ann Amann Travel Consulting

Passion for excellence

As a tour operator it is my goal to create wonderful and rewarding experiences for my clients.

When travelling to places which later I would like to recommend to my clients, I become aware of issues that may have a negative impact on the experiences of my clients.

I’m aware that the management of a resort can never see and experience their hotel in the same way guests do. I would be happy to be your „eyes and ears“.

Martin Amann
M. Sc. Cognitive Neuroscience

Institute for Limbic Communication

The power of brands

I have been consulting for companies in brand  management and corporate identity for over 30 years and I’m more fascinated than ever about the power of brands.

Living the brand means delivering on the brand promise. This is what shapes the brand image which is a key factor for success.

As my wife and I travel frequently we come across very good as well as poor examples of brand delivery. I’m passionate to share our findings with management in order to help improve the brand image.

To analyse the status of the brand delivery in your resort I shall apply the latest findings of neuroscience.

Dr. Stephen Witt
Emeritus Professor
University of Surrey, UK



The driving forces in the tourism industry

With a strong background in economics and statistics the major focus of my research has been to generate econometric models to examine the main forces driving tourism demand and use these models to produce tourism forecasts.

My other research areas include hotel management, tourism management and tourist experiences.

I have published 30 books and 150 journal articles and book chapters, and with my extensive knowledge of the tourism industry I shall be able to provide advice to support the front team.

Travel experience:

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